Fort Pierce Ecotourism

Fort Pierce Authentic Tours (FPAT) is a collective of forward-thinking Fort Pierce businesses coming together to promote the unique eco, agri, nature, nautical and cultural heritage experiences Fort Pierce has to offer. Their mission is to grow the capacity and sustainability of small locally-owned and operated tourism businesses in and around the City of Fort Pierce that contribute to conservation and ecological preservation and to serve as a model for other like initiatives by disseminating tools that influence the broader tourism industry towards greater ecological sustainability and preservation of our cultural heritage.


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The Mulligan

A pot-of-gold contest is a game on a par-3. Social Mark sposors this event every year. The game is for the golfer to hit their tee-shot within the circle. If they do, then they double their bet, which you set a minimum and maximum range. If they don't hit within the circle, then the charity keeps the money. You will need some cash and volunteers. Pick a hole that is at least 150 yards to make it challenging.

Indian River State College

IRSC Annual Digital Media Student Exhibition poster contest


The Digital Media Institute is based in the Kight Center for Emerging Technologies at the IRSC Main Campus in Fort Pierce. The four-story Kight Center is a showcase for cutting-edge technology, manufacturing and teacher education. Students in the Digital Media Institute participate in an annual Digital Media Exhibition to display their talent and a Portfolio Day with a focus on employment with regional companies.


Digital Media Review Magazine

Digital Media Review is an IRSC Magazine publication that provides the latest information on new technology that is currently being looked at in various fields. Preparing student for a fascinating career where they can express creativity through the latest technologies in computer graphics, game and multimedia design, animation and modeling. Gain a well-rounded foundation with college courses and develop sophisticated technical skills, preparing for a great career.

Montecello Vineyards & Winery

Proposed web designs for a Florida vineyard. Monticello Vineyards & Winery is a small and unpretentious Florida farm winery. Located in the Red Hills bioregion of north central Florida, the winery is housed at Ladybird Organics. Their grapes are all organically grown in a family own vineyards, handpicked, and processed on-site at the farm winery.

Adobe Max Creative Conference

IRSC participated in the Adobe Max contest to provide promotional concepts for Max Conference. Max is Adobe’s creativity conference aligns with an audience and the Adobe brand—creative leaders, designers, broadcast and video pros, photographers, and more.  Max conference looks at tools to help creatives be innovative, and provide a great creative event experience in turn.