Doug Chilton

Design and Branding is about telling your story through visual communication and key messaging. Your brand shares the details of your business and its experience. It is telling your customers what you believe and why. When people talk about your brand, they tell your story and their experience. How everything you believe is reflected in your product or service for your customer and turns it into an experience. The design experience is what Branding is all about. Visual communication and design is the heart of the company and why it is unique to every company’s brand.

I am the designer in South Florida area that uses trending and creative ideas to make market-solving solutions. From brand identity, web design, interactive, print collateral, and video, I try to create innovative solutions. Projects that are start-ups to Fortune 500 Company’s, I am committed to creating excellence. I try to simplify complex messaging with visually inspiring communications. Through basics communication structure of design and research in today’s business market, I work through a process that will narrow your brand to meet market value impact. I use  an analytic creative thinking process and implement into a problem solving techniques to expand social, mobile, and stakeholders invested as a marketing strength.


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South Florida